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Ronnie Wildermuth

Ronnie Wildermuth

Ronnie Wildermuth

Lead & Background Vocals, Percussion and the Soulful Voice that Brings the Band to Life.

Ronnie's musical journey began when she was only 9 years old.  She would practice singing in her room, teaching herself how to sing.  Later on she studied and trained opera and classical music from the age of 15 - 21 years old.

She's recorded and produced her own music, and has been the lead singer in many different cover bands over the years.  Ronnie has performed in a wedding/all occasion band, and was the lead in a traveling cabaret show.  Lately she's been putting her voice to work as a voiceover artist.

To finally be making music with her husband is an idea that's been long in the making, but now it's time to write that chapter in her book.

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