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Mike Lettera

Mike Lettera

Mike Lettera

Bass Guitar, positive vibes and the Thundering Undertone that Keeps Us Grounded.

Mike, a self-taught bass player (the younger brother of guitarist and soloist, Frank "The Tank" Lettera), started guitar lessons at the age of 7 and absolutely hated it.  He completely gave up on playing and used to roadie for his brother's bands.  Years later, Mike picked up a bass and was once told by Frank, "why did you waste your money on that when you won't learn to play it?"  That just inspired Mike to work extremely hard to prove his brother wrong.  And that he did!

For more than a decade, Mike has played all over Florida and on Long Island in various bands playing Pop, Modern and Classic Rock, Top 40, and even some Country.

Mike is living proof that both hard work and dedication DO pay off.  When someone says "you can't" or "you won't", that just inspires him to work extra hard to overcome all obstacles.

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